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What does TCG stand for anyway? The Cloud Gate, Travel Channel Guide, Total Combustible Gas, The Cheetah Girls? Nope.  TCG stands for The Competence Group and our philosophy can be summed up below.

  • It never looks like a cake when you’re making a cake.
    We are masterful bakers of strategy and development at TCG. 
  • You can’t make deals with dirty heals.
     Weekly shoe shines are a must for all staff.
  • No one plans to fail, they just fail to plan.
    Developing contingency plans are second nature at TCG. 
  • Persistence yields results.
    Imagine a dog when it’s decided it’s time to walk you.  That’s us.  We make informed decisions and deliver results.
  • Catch up mustard
    We’re fast like lightning.  We can get up to speed with your needs and vision before lightning strikes.
  • The flaws don’t come out until you’re going 150mph.  
    We have been tested at high speeds without the need to invoke warranties. We are tried and true. 


People who bring together power with a purpose will make an indispensable contribution to the betterment of the world.

Client service and satisfaction are paramount at TCG. Our clients bring us their needs and we view it as our duty to address those needs with vigor and tenacity.

At TCG, we believe sound strategies and superior execution are the impetus of our growth.


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