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Life is relationships. Period.

One might argue that all progress is derived from a sequence of interactions amongst people that have relationships.

What do we mean by this? Let’s say you have a good idea. How does that idea evolve into a tangible outcome or change?

We believe every idea lives and dies along a spectrum of relationships. Getting an idea implemented, despite its noble or useful merits, requires the buy in of a number of stakeholders, each with their own interests and concerns.

We know stakeholders. We have relationships. We have a combined three decades plus worth of national and Illinois based relationships with people that bring good ideas to fruition.


David Rosen and TCG set the bar for professionalism and integrity.”

- Secretary of State Jesse White

Do you want to change the world? Maybe you just want to change a burdensome regulatory policy for your industry.

We work with our clients to identify the fundamental essence of what they hope to achieve and get them in front of the appropriate stakeholders.

Strategies may be modified along the way, allies and adversaries may change, but rest assured, good ideas do not die on our watch.


Give us the ball. We know how to move it forward.

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