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TCG staff have spoken at and led workshops at numerous regional and national conferences on the topics of fundraising, politics, grassroots organizing, and organizational dynamics. Most recently, TCG staff has spoken at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.

The President of TCG, David Rosen, is an alumni of the renowned Southwestern Company, a 140 year old publishing company that sells its products directly to customers. Among Southwestern’s other notable alumni are former and current Governors and other Congressional leaders. David remains the number two lifetime producer for the company and ended his career at Southwestern as the national recruiter and motivational trainer. As a loyalist of the purest form, to this day, David continues to make periodic national speeches to motivate the new recruits.

In 150 years the finest salesman to ever pass through our program.”

- John Loughran, District Sales Manager
Southwestern Book Company, 1977-1999


We’ve all heard those speakers that tell us what to think, how to live, and what to say. The problem is that most of them haven’t walked the walk, they just talk the talk. TCG offers a public speaking experience unlike any other, one that is rooted in the walk. We take real life experiences of professional and personal adversity and apply it towards strategic thinking. This application is universal, and thus transferrable to a range of different audiences.



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